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Road work ahead sign Genesee County Road Commission announces road projects for week of Aug. 2 (Joel Bissell, Bissell file photo | For GENESEE COUNTY, MI -- The Genesee County Road Commission has announced road closures starting this week. Duffield Road between Tower Road and Lovejoy Road in Argentine Township will close from 6 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 3 for replacement of a crosstube. Only emergency vehicles will be allowed through the work zone. Motorists are advised to seek an alternate route. The road commission will also begin rehabilitation on Thursday, Aug. 5 of the Bristol Road bridge over the West Branch of the Swartz Creek in Flint Township. One lane of traffic in each direction will be maintained through the work zone at all times. The westbound I-69 entrance ramp at eastbound Bristol Road will be temporarily detoured in order to be reconstructed. The detour route utilizes Linden Road, Bristol Road, Miller Road, and the westbound I-69 entrance ramp at westbound Miller Road. Motorists are advised to proceed with caution and to allow themselves additional travel time to reach their destinations. The Genesee County Road Commission anticipates the road to fully reopen for traffic by Nov. 15.

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“The need to enhance our public transportation system, that’s gonna be a big one,” Rice said. “I think we’re all realizing that we are really hitting close to being out of affordable housing permits, which means we can’t build much more. The obvious alternative is what a lot of other isolated cities have to do, which is build a transportation system that’s comfortable, efficient, and attractive enough to bring (workers) from outside the area.” Based on the findings of the county task force, the AECOM presentation has provided insight into the wants and needs of the Florida Keys. Monroe County citizens have proposed ideas such as installing overhead safety lighting on dark stretches of highway, more turn lanes, reflectors to separate bike paths from the road, erosion protection for exposed oceanside roads and added signs for extra protection at frequent accident sites. According to public data from the presentation, the widening of U.S. 1 to four lanes seemed to be a popular request from many areas of the Keys public, specifically near Islamorada and the Lower Keys. The presentation outlined a few major goals: A balanced transportation system would provide space and infrastructure for all means of travel, from buses and cars to bicycles and pedestrians. According to Key West Transit, one of the biggest challenges facing the Keys at the moment is a lack of bus drivers, due both to COVID-19 and and to a general lack of trained drivers with commercial drivers licenses. According to the task force, about 900 passengers per day ride the Miami-Dade-Keys bus to and from their jobs in the Keys. The presenters noted that while the Florida Job Fund is providing training and incentives are being drafted to recruit more drivers, more still needs to be done. Other additional strategies for improving public transportation include using smartphone apps for bus routes that include mapping, and the ability to request pickup at a bus stop. Extending Route 301 to the southern end of Marathon was also mentioned.  The task force identified “hot spots” of accident clusters and suggested improved signs in problem areas. In the Keys, vehicular accidents tend to be clustered around certain sites where any combination of factors, from insufficient signs to blind turns, can be deadly. According to the data, the most dangerous part of U.S. 1 in the last six years is the 38-mile stretch from the Miami-Dade county line to Caloosa Cove: 2,666 crashes, 24 of them fatal. The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office sent in its own safety recommendations, including adding street lights near bus stops, extra signal lights at critical intersections and putting in additional signs at the most common accident sites throughout the Keys. The task force also addressed causes of traffic congestion, citing areas of the Keys that are currently served by only two lanes and intersections whose signals need refining, such as Islamorada. Suggestions included working with the DOT to analyze the flow of traffic in order to add additional turn & acceleration lanes, roundabouts and frontage roads.  A key finding of the task force addressed the importance of preserving the Keys’ “Scenic Byway” by introducing enhanced environmental protections for wildlife and defenses against natural events such as hurricanes and storm surges. One of the suggestions is to create pull-over rest areas where visitors can take in the view, without slowing down traffic. Additionally, the completion of our Overseas Heritage Trail has been popular with both visitors and locals alike.  The task force also discussed a myriad of funding possibilities with two major ideas leading the pack.