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Taylor explained that the significant impact to the increase in days was largely due to the advanced payments and federal money that came into the financial statement. Joleen Durham of Bucyrus was sworn in for a new five-year term for the click for info TCMH board of trustees. Jim Perry, OD, TCMH board of trustees’ chairperson, administered the oath of office to Durham. TCMH Board of Trustees elected their officer positions for the upcoming year with Perry as chairperson, Loveland as vice chairperson and Durham as secretary. Medical staff reappointments for 2021 were reviewed and approved by the board of trustees. Linda Pamperien, chief financial officer at TCMH, presented the financial report for the month of March. “Overall revenues were up by $284,971 for the month, which is a 4.4 percent increase from our budgeted expectations,” Pamperien said. “We had an 11.3 percent decline in our inpatient volumes as we were down by $156,331.” Pamperien mentioned outpatient revenue was up $513,108 for the month. There were substantial increases in surgery, anesthesia, radiology, CT and MRI for March. “Our overall expenses were down this month,” Pamperien said. “We were under budget by $255,673.” Bad debt for the month of March was $327,391.75. Pamperien noted that the contractual adjustments for the month were 62.2 percent for the month and 61.5 percent year-to-date. “The hospital ended the month of March with a positive bottom line of $20,911 and year-to-date with a negative bottom line of $239,540,” Pamperien said. In old business, Wes Murray, TCMH chief executive officer, reported the roofing repair project will begin soon with completion taking approximately four to six months. Murray mentioned Covid lab tests were down with only 200 in-house tests, 38 tests sent out and only 11 positive results. “TCMH is at a 4.6 percent positivity rate, which is really low compared to our high of 37.39 percent,” Murray explained.

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mustang4.jpg After the short 42-mile trip to Boulder and another 20 miles to go out and get dinner, keeping warm and charging our phones, we were down to 98 miles remaining to empty. We felt that before starting out the next day we should get the battery back to 80% as recommended, as it can take up to two hours to get the next 20% charged. Planning would become an important part of the next couple of days with the Mustang, as charge time would need to be included into our days — especially if we wanted to accomplish some of the longer distances we had in mind. We decided that while Deanne finished getting ready for the day, Craig would go and charge the SUV. We had found the previous evening a level 3 charger less than a mile from the hotel. The first day, it only took 25 minutes to get to 80%. Seemed pretty easy, and with a little planning not a huge difference, and we had the Mustang right at 140 miles until empty. About the only thing this new electric Mustang has in common with its iconic brother is the rear tail lights definitely scream Mustang. In the speed and acceleration department, the designers have left nothing in doubt that this is truly a Mustang. Coming equipped with an electric motor that essentially has 346 horsepower and 428 foot-pounds of torque, it would really get up and go. There were three different driving modes: whisper, engaged and unbridled. It was a monster in the unbridled mode, shooting off the line, passing, whatever we needed, all in the quiet confines of an all-electric environment. For us, it took some getting used to not having that huge engine noise come into play during heavy acceleration. On the bright side, with the smaller, yet very powerful electric motor, there is a small extra trunk space up front, that could even hold ice and drinks if needed. Inside, the new Mach-E is all about technology and innovation, with a huge 15.5-inch portrait-oriented touch screen powered by SYNC 4A, which quickly became our guide and friend, helping us find charging locations and even learning quickly how we like to drive. It ran wireless Apple CarPlay and included a wireless charger that became a necessity, as we were constantly using our phones along with the Ford SYNC technology. The driver control center was simply an elongated LED screen that would display speed, range and safety information for the driver and, when charging, how long to get to that wanted 80% charge.