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utilities present themselves  as climate leaders, some are actually working to protect  their fossil fuel investments and infrastructure, even with the urgent need for a renewable energy transition. For example, to protect their gas investments, utilities are convincing state legislatures  to preempt city efforts to ban gas connections in new construction. At the same time, they are using social media influencers  to promote gas appliances in order to dissuade consumers from pursuing readily available electric alternatives. And now, U.S. utilities, through their trade groups, are pressing the SEC  for weak climate disclosure policies that contradict advice from leading authorities . These watered-down policies would allow utilities to evade accountability as they continue to pursue climate-damaging, financially precarious investments in more fossil fuels . In their comments to the SEC, utility trade groups encouraged the agency to allow companies to choose which climate change disclosures to follow. They also ask the SEC to not extend any climate risk disclosure requirements to company subsidiaries. And they made no mention of the indirect emissions that come from a company’s value chain — called Scope 3 emissions — which are believed to represent more than 80% of the entire emissions of certain industries. If the SEC were to adopt these efforts to water down disclosures, the public and investors would be left with a misleading picture of a utility company’s overall climate impact. Every day, Americans pay the price for this behavior in the form of rising utility bills and energy burdens. They also suffer poorer health and increased fatalities from fossil fuel pollution and the climate catastrophe. Americans of color and low-wealth Americans in particular bear the brunt  of these energy policies. This conduct is particularly problematic coming from private corporations whose state-sanctioned monopolies are premised on the principle that utilities act in the public interest. Shareholders should also be deeply concerned about the failure by some utilities to disclose the financial risks of their refusal to embrace the renewable energy transition. By continuing to build fracked gas plants and fight clean energy initiatives, utilities are setting themselves up to lose out on lucrative opportunities for renewable energy development. They will also suffer the costs of an unreliable grid as the climate crisis intensifies. Weather and climate disasters have already cost  the U.S. more than $1.9 trillion in the past four decades, while utilities have failed   repeatedly  to adequately prepare for and respond to them. Such negligence — which opens utilities to legal action and financial penalties  — will likely mean substantial revenue loss for shareholders. That's why the U.S. must ensure that utilities provide the information necessary to accurately inform their investors and protect consumers from risky corporate behavior.

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But some anxious patients are nonetheless trying to get them — either by asking a health care provider willing to prescribe an extra shot, or by lying about their earlier vaccination. That puts the onus on hospital systems to make prescribing policies, on vaccination sites to check people’s vaccine records, and insurers to decide whether they will cover vaccines outside of the Food and Drug Administration’s authorization. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is just starting to track data about unauthorized booster shots, Director Rochelle Walensky said Monday. She said the government can discern the difference between second and third shots, and is encouraging people to report safety outcomes if they receive boosters, though they are not recommended. “We have the capacity and are looking at those data right now,” Walensky said. The data are not yet public. Many vaccination sites, including those at Walgreens and CVS, have explicit policies not to give additional shots to people who have been fully vaccinated. But they may not always be checking to ensure that that’s the case. When patients arrive at vaccination sites, they usually have to fill out a consent form that asks whether they have been vaccinated before. In an ideal world, vaccinators would check the information on those forms against state vaccine registries to validate that patients are telling the truth. “For this idea of boosters, it’s going to be hard to control. You just have to rely on local public health departments and local providers to prevent that from happening,” said Ajay Sethi, an associate professor of population health sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. In reality, some states don’t require that providers administering the shots check beforehand, and the Covid-19 vaccination mobilization brought in many new providers who may be doing the bare minimum, said Rebecca Coyle, executive director of the American Immunization Registry Association. Because vaccine supplies have been so plentiful in recent weeks, ensuring patients aren’t overloading on vaccines hasn’t necessarily been top of mind for providers, Coyle said. “Reviewing a person’s history before administration has been the best practice for many years,” Coyle said. “It’s time for a conversation about, ‘Maybe I should do that,’ as it hasn’t been on everyone’s minds yet.” If pharmacists don’t check immunization records and a patient receives an unauthorized shot, that could leave providers without payment if insurers deny the claim. “They don’t have any incentive to say, ‘Hey, come get your third dose,’” said Kurt Proctor, senior vice president of strategic initiatives at the National Community Pharmacists Association. Kristine Grow, a spokesperson for AHIP, the biggest health insurance lobby, said the group has had no indication that anyone is having trouble getting a third shot covered when it is recommended by a physician. However, Aetna said that based on current guidelines from the CDC, find out more the insurer does not cover additional Covid-19 shots for fully vaccinated patients. For many, the belated realization that Covid will be ‘a long war’ sparks anger and denial Health insurer Anthem is monitoring the situation closely, a spokesperson said, and is watching for guidance as to whether additional shots are advisable or necessary.